Tokyo Drifter + The Departed

Tokyo Drifter + The DepartedA Double Feature episode for the records. Seriously, this is one of the best episodes. Go read Reunion at the Birthday Massacre on Medium. Tokyo Drifter’s punk rock style. The shifting landscape of the asian mafia film. The day petting the white cat doesn’t work like it should. Meanwhile, back in North America: the western. Competing ideas across an ocean. The look of the stage. Martin, the departed, and that big fluffy cat again. The infamous camera work. Who’s in the Departed, and what do they want? Ladies and the academy. Adam Rifkin shows Eric Director’s Cut. Continue reading

The Earrings of Madame de… + Paths of Glory

The Earrings of Madame de… + Paths of GloryThe Birthday Massacre! Eric has a new old concert film out now. The Earrings of Madame de who? The crazy adventures of two earrings that surprisingly doesn’t revolve around an absurd comedy plot. Let’s play Paris Wife Swap! The magical power real people give to real world objects. A shocking reversal on the Kubrick film you didn’t expect. Background on the real events that inspired Paths of Glory. Convincing insane people of their own insanity when lives are at stake. A repulsive, sad, beautiful scene to shake an audience to its core. Attempting to put a positive little button on World War 1. Continue reading

Manhunter + Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Manhunter + Buffy the Vampire SlayerFilms that prompted tremendous television. Forcing movies onto viewers using the old DVD bundle trick. A comparison of Hannibals throughout tv and film. Los Angeles changes light bulbs. Michael Mann as a genius amature? Tom Noonan. Hannibal Lector teaches moviegoers how hacking actually works. Who is Will Graham? Looking back on Manhunter from the vantage point of a modern Hannibal television introduction. A better fleshed-out version of the supernatural detective. Whedon’s well-known opinion on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Subverting a cliche. Underestimating the tv series Buffy like underestimating Buffy Summers herself. Buffy as the ultimate trojan horse. Mythology, lore and retcons. Breaking Bad style character development over a series. Continue reading

Breaking the Waves + Julien Donkey-Boy

Breaking the Waves + Julien Donkey-BoyAn exploration of Dogme95.
1. Very locate. Much local prop.
2. Wow! Such location. Very sounds.
3. Much shaky.
4. So colour! Wow. Much basics light.
5. Not filter. Much forbid.
6. Not action. Such no murder. Wow!
7. So forbid temporal displacement! Very believe.
8. Much not genre.
9. Wow! Very millimeters. Such 35.
10. Much direct. Not credit. Wow. Continue reading

Looper + The Thirteenth Floor

Looper + The Thirteenth FloorGateways to other worlds! Two films about world building – or are they? Programming, philosophy, and the late 90s zeitgeist. Shane Carruth’s participation in Looper remains a mystery. Joseph Gordon Levitt as Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis as Bruce Willis. Using an audience’s collective memory to pad extra detail into your film. The Hollywood makeup fx industry. What’s on the Thirteenth Floor? The results of going in cold. Michael’s Y2K theory. Globalization for the common man. René Descartes (because why the fuck not). Continue reading