Bad Grandpa + The Imposter

Bad Grandpa + The ImposterFakers teach us about reality. The Kickstarter counts down! Bad Grandpa, a fictional film taking place in our reality. Johnny Knoxville and the award worthy makeup effects department. A continuation and possible reversal of ethics from The Idiots. Something more extreme than french extreme – or, “french extreme with giggles.” How to be an honest liar. The Imposter, a documentary using the visual and storytelling clues of narrative fiction. Checkerboard lighting. Cinematography makes a metaphor. The audience hires a private investigator. Filmmakers as storytellers. Drama versus reality. Continue reading

The Celebration + The Idiots

The Celebration + The IdiotsThe Dogme95 primer pays off! Two films from an obscure movement. Official Dogme95 No. 1: The Celebration. A film that refuses to tell you how to feel. Fear of the unreliable victim. Justified breakfast. What happens when Dogme95 plays by the rules. The perfect conclusion. By the way, there’s totally spoilers in this show. Official Dogme95 No. 2: The Idiots. Lars von Trier re-enters a trilogy. Life with the soft of mind. A defense of being obnoxious. The future of America’s culture wars. If it feels good, do it. Attempting to evaluate someone’s life with minimal context. No one should suffer (an apparently controversial opinion). Let people do what they need to do. Continue reading

Tims Vermeer + Resurrect Dead

Tims Vermeer + Resurrect DeadUncover two documentary mysteries! Also – the Double Feature Year 8 Kickstarter launches! Tim’s Vermeer makes audiences wonder if Tim Jenison is an artist. What is painting, what is engineering, and what is art? Why Tim-As-An-Artist is an important question. Disruption in the art community, and the emotion that causes some artists to resist a leading theory. The art of engineering. User experience and the consequences of design. Tim Jenison is the greatest engineer ever filmed. Luddites in the art community. Is technology cheating? (No.) It is not invalid to enjoy art digitally! Resurrect Dead and the should be spooky but isn’t mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. Plan Jupiter from outer space. Continue reading

Zombi 2 + The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Zombi 2 + The Bird with the Crystal PlumageOld Italy meets some more oldish Italy. Gaillo exists outside of a bubble. Why Tarantino meets Rodriguez. Zombie, Zombie 2, Zombi 2, Zombie Flesh Eaters, and whatever else the fuck this movie is called. What is the makeup effects impact of Zombi 2? Choose your own sequel. Dario Argento returns with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage with a teeth a. Starting in your skin. A new voice defies Italian horror. Who wrote the title of this film? Continue reading

Spring Breakers + Dark Horse

Spring Breakers + Dark HorseHarmony Korine and Todd Solondz come together again (whether they like it or not). Spring Breakers is a seriously amazing intellectual piece, even though you’d never believe it. News on the Cage Match, as the massive Nicolas Cage project draws to a close. Spring Breaks demonstrates criticism of a culture by letting the culture speak for itself. The most horrifying vantage point may be inside the party. Classics vs songs of the summer. The relatively short shelf life of particular artists and singles. Call for a dubstep do-over. Eric’s favorite film opening uses self-discovery to work on multiple levels. Who’s riding the Dark Horse? Todd Solondz makes a kid-friendly film. Not that kind of kid-friendly. Michael wants people to do things with their lives, for their own good at the good of those who surround them. Continue reading