Starcrash + Orca The Killer Whale

Starcrash + Orca The Killer WhaleWhat can you learn about writing method from exploitation films? Turns out, a lot. An unorthodox approach to writing theory. And Then vs Thereforre/But. The midpoint shift. Better knowledge of Star Wars through Starcrash. Spectacle films. Why ignoring all common thought regarding plot and character development was a great idea for Starcrash. The hero’s journey. Another stab at sword and sorcery. One thing leads to another. Orca: The Brutal Whale. Different take, same ends. Grotesque, mishandled imagery leads to profound feeling. Exploitation’s unintended consequences. All films are cash-ins (and that’s ok). Continue reading

Manhattan Murder Mystery + He Got Game

Manhattan Murder Mystery + He Got GameWoody Allen and Spike Lee consider New York and the people who live there! Do you use chapters? Do you ignore chapters? Send an email! Dense apartments and nosey neighbors. Dull hobbies vs strange kinks. Immorality and its benefits! Suspicions before suspicions pay off. Drag the audience into an absurd game, then show them how absurd they are. Ermahgerd, wur mah durguns? Spike Lee watches people play basketball. The glorious 90s, a time of the Chicago Bulls dynasty and also Milla Jovovich. There’s magic in that there basketball. Who is the real he who hath game? Continue reading

The Cottage + Sightseers

The Cottage + SightseersWhere comedy meets violence. Paul Andrew Williams’s The Cottage. Wait, what’s a cottage? Mutants fuck with people enjoying a perfectly good heist film. Shifting the scales – all film protagonists are not created equally. A series of proficient, grade-A maulings. Andy Serkis is going to be who Andy Serkis is going to be. The much popular Kill List and whispers on the films of Ben Wheatley. Finding a creative angle for an obvious scene. Continue reading

Chronicle + Even Dwarfs Started Small

Chronicle + Even Dwarfs Started SmallTerritories familiar and not. Tonight: an exciting announcement! Heroes larger than expected…unless you were expecting superheroes and dwarfs, then heroes exactly the size you expected.First, who or what is Charles Crawford? Podmanity challenges Double Feature. The end of a six month full-time podcast job. The Marvel Studios release schedule. Why Chronicle is unlike the rest of the superhero genre. Independent directors making it big. Turn off the powers! Start small, get astronomical. We can watch any movie, as long as that movie is Even Dwarfs Started Small. When the obscure really is obscure. A thought experiment in the world of the film. Continue reading

Killapalooza 25: Wrong Turn

Killapalooza 25: Wrong TurnWrong Turn films 1-6. Mutant, possibly-cannibalistic types in various quantities fuck up your fun time in the woods. Finding the venue for a Wrong Turn 2 / Joe Lynch conversation. Rob Schmidt’s original Wrong Turn. All Eliza Dushku films could potentially be extensions of Dollhouse. The era of Jeremy Sisto. Wrong Turn 2: Dead end and the return of the Pepto-Bismol. The Declan O’Brien stretch. Prison Break, sometimes called Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. Origin story, prequel, or other? Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. Doug Bradley and his rag-tag miscreants in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines. A new group takes over the franchise in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Continue reading