Demon Seed + Caché

Demon Seed + CachéNot even your home is safe from the terrors of techno horror. Michael meets James Gunn in Texas. Teller’s time on the set in Director’s Cut (featuring Nestor Carbonell). Donald Cammell’s “artificial intelligence” film Demon Seed. Science fiction as a community of homage. Impregnation, technology, and what’s changed since the 70s. Small device horror. Michael Haneke’s film Caché. Long takes as an invitation to study. Letting trouble into your home. Is the ending of Caché really up for debate? More interesting than “who.” Continue reading

You’re Next + The Children

You’re Next + The ChildrenNew school slashers get you right where you least expect them. Two horror classic horror sub-genres. The creepiest moment of Eric’s life just happened on the set of Director’s Cut. You’re Next tackles home invasion. Independent horror that goes to the theater instead of direct to video. Getting to the bottom of the Adam Wingard, Ti West, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Lena Dunham, indie horror community. Hope for the future of horror. The Children as an exercise in movies about being murdered by packs of children. Continue reading

Absentia + Satan’s Little Helper

Absentia + Satan's Little HelperNetflix horror gems with misleading covers. Nearly trampled by Penn Jillette: A report on the first week of Director’s Cut. Seriously, there’s a lot of Director’s Cut stuff. Finally, someone will talk to Eric about religion. Could it be ? A fresh theme no film has tackled before! Coming to terms with ‘death in absentia.’ When someone goes missing. Back to the good old metaphorical horror monster. Satan’s Little Helper, a meme-worthy film of Garbage Day proportions. Finding signs of intention in cult film without a wink. Continue reading

Manhattan + Do the Right Thing

Manhattan + Do the Right ThingAn adventure through New York through two different perspectives – this time, the adventure continues with the poster-child of the Woody Allen meets Spike Lee journey. Attempting to separate the art from the artists. A love letter to Manhattan. Double Feature has a very frank discussion about the public perception of two controversial film makers, and how their personal lives may be viewed in connection with the previous films. Is Spike Lee a racist, or is it just his Twitter feed? The difference between a racially charged Do the Right Thing and a potentially racist film maker. Beats released a Do the Right Thing documentary and no one noticed. Continue reading

Big Fan + Against the Wall

Big Fan + Against the WallIndividuals who are entirely consumed by their obsessions. Pursuing passions despite naysayers. Who and what is Patton Oswalt? An extended discussion on sports narrative. Magic thinking in sports. A dark turn fitting of the characters and story. Against the Wall aka Quality of Life. Just trying to make art, but the man’s keeping artists down. What is a quality of life charge? Two skeptics take on broken window theory. Everything everywhere ends. Continue reading