The Purge + We Are What We Are

The Purge + We Are What We AreHorrific family bonding time double feature. Do horror movies help us work out dark urges to rape and slaughter? The alterior motives of directors who claim they do. One man’s unexpected plans during The Purge. What James Gunn teaches us about Purging. What is the right thing to do, given the fiction of the world? We Are What We Are. The delicate balance of preserving a suprising viewing while enticing an audience into seeing the film in the first place. The road less traveled! Religion, dogma, and elders who command respect. Michael refuses to be desensitized. Common ground with The Lords of Salem. Continue reading

Cosmopolis + Holy Motors

Cosmopolis + Holy MotorsCharacter arcs despite their narratives! Narratives as complications of vignettes! Robert Pattinson, the obvious choice for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. Pop fiction fans read cerebral novels and everyone wins. Following a movie with indecipherable dialogue. The relationship to Videodrome. When master lose grip. Economies collapse, characters collapse. The currency of dogecoin, er, rats. Economics and philosophy, with your host Paul Giamatti. Crypto-currency and Snapchat. What is to be gained through watching Holy Motors? Big questions, out of the gate. Monsieur Oscar is losing the fire. Drifting into the abstract. Trying on masks, metaphorically. Trying to pin down the jobs and tasks of characters in Holy Motors. Continue reading

Double Feature Year 6 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! A look back at the last 52 double feature pairs. Taking a break from Filmspotting jokes to make love to Battleship Pretension. Revising the official position on movie reviews. A tangent on the insightful career of Roger Ebert. Double Feature made a short film (without the help of Russ Meyer). The challenges of making a six chapter short film for Kickstarter. More regarding Eric’s involvement in Director’s Cut. Hannah Carter’s prop magic. The growing genre of films designed by the Internet. A defense for the most unexpected film-of-the-year choice. A conversation around this year’s Additional Content. Continue reading

The Lords of Salem + Machete Kills

The Lords of Salem + Machete KillsAuteurs just outside the arthouse. Audiences clamoring: It’s not the way I would have done it!! Stop looking for validation and start appreciating surprise. See inside the minds of insane people. The hidden alternate history of The Lords of Salem. Why Rob Zombie is a fascinating human. Films changing as they’re being filmed. The Rodriguez-Box-Office relationship. Using Machete Kills as the control for the experiment Machete conducted. A different approach. One unique idea to recreate the trailer magic. A a cure for cinema predictibility. Continue reading

Wrong + Upstream Color

Wrong + Upstream ColorThe desperate methods audiences go to when attempting to fit the bizarre into a neat little box. Art, humanity, mystery and animals. Determining the world of Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo)’s Wrong. How Upstream Color differs from the complex mathematics of Primer. Films you need to take notes or maybe draw a little flowchart to follow. Intentionally crafting rewards for repeat viewings. A rare love letter to found sound, sampling, and ambience. Using sound to help an audience link scenes. Building a motif – from notable scene to rewarding callback to critical theme. The thief, the sampled, and other double meanings. Eric Thirteen just wants to give Shane Carruth money to produce movies. Continue reading