Killapalooza 24: Puppet Master

Killapalooza 24: Puppet MasterPuppet Master films 1-10. Charles Band as the Puppet Master of Full Moon Features. The Bongy Westphall universe. What’s Demonic Toys have to do with this? Home video! Andre Toulon’s unexpected returns. The reluctant centerpiece. Nazi origin points. Toulon’s Revenge. Good guys and the demon. Deeper back in time. What is Puppet Master: The Legacy, and what’s the real reason it should upset everyone? Eric and Michael discuss the clipshow. A return to form. Once more, with Nazis. The greatest reason for the Puppet Master’s existence. Continue reading

Repulsion + Compliance

Repulsion + ComplianceTwo films trap their lead actors. Forgotten tactics for portraying insanity in your movie. Roman Polanski’s apartment series. Rotting away in your own skin. Ms 45 makes an inevitable appearance. The new creepy-internet-dudes wave of feminism. Craig Zobel and all the information about Homestar Runner you never asked for. How an unbelievable story drivers viewers into blind rage. A film centering around actors’ reactions (and Pat Healy making sandwiches). Continue reading

The Lion King + Escape from Tomorrow

The Lion King + Escape from TomorrowTwo very different looks at Disney. The Lion King as the pop-culture champion. How The Lion King stayed in popular consciousness. Disney creates a Top 40 soundtrack. How you remember films from your childhood differently. Escape from Tomorrow as the counter-culture Disney companion. The how-it-was-made story everyone wants to know. Is it possible not to have the viewing experience trained by knowing how a guerrilla film is made? What does the mouse actually think of Escape from Tomorrow? Continue reading

The Mist + The Dead Zone

The Mist + The Dead ZoneStephen King vs the the visionary director. Two notable pin points in an ongoing discussion on auteurist director vs famous writer. Eric talks about the end of production on Director’s Cut (and the wrap party!) Working with Lin Shaye and Gilbert Gottfried. Thomas Jane strikes back! The gut punch that is The Mist. Expanding on John Carpenter’s The Thing. What the film says about religion probably isn’t what you expect it to say about religion. Martin Sheen plays the president in The Dead Zone, what more do you need? The irony in the final conclusion. Continue reading

Demon Seed + Caché

Demon Seed + CachéNot even your home is safe from the terrors of techno horror. Michael meets James Gunn in Texas. Teller’s time on the set in Director’s Cut (featuring Nestor Carbonell). Donald Cammell’s “artificial intelligence” film Demon Seed. Science fiction as a community of homage. Impregnation, technology, and what’s changed since the 70s. Small device horror. Michael Haneke’s film Caché. Long takes as an invitation to study. Letting trouble into your home. Is the ending of Caché really up for debate? More interesting than “who.” Continue reading