Matinee + Looney Tunes Back in Action

Matinee + Looney Tunes Back in ActionThe two submarine keys to unlocking Joe Dante. One Joe Dante fanatic explains where his passion originated. Matinee, a film that’s totally not about William castle! Finally, a challenger to the Purge theory of why horror exists. William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock. Joe Dante’s present to cinema. Looney Tunes Back In Action, the sort of follow up to Space Jam. The little we know about the director’s opinion of Back in Action. Endless speculation: how do you know? Warner Brothers in the 90s. Branding, merchandise, and toys! Acme, the WB, and corporate culture. Joe Dante loves the Looney Tunes but did not enjoy making Back in Action. Continue reading

Resolution + They Live

Resolution + They LiveConspiratorial yarns with cause for much introspection. Hot seventies grind house burns. Finding your ending. Jumping from plot to plot and checking in with the audience. Hate the crack, love the addict. Don’t fear the audience. Explain the ending of Resolution. Who or what is the monster? A string of viral mysteries. The revelation of John Carpenter’s They Live. Being predisposed to a cult film’s legacy legacy. Impact vs Futura Oblique Condensed. Shepard Fairey and Barbara Kruger. Andrew the Giant has a posse. OBEY. Roddy Piper, Keith David, and a totally bizarre Meg Foster. The infamous long fight scene in They Live. David Ike and the reptilian agenda. Also, David Ike is a fuckwad. Continue reading

Hanna + The Raid Redemption

Hanna + The Raid RedemptionTwo sonic action sneak attacks. Hanna as more than you expect. The little details make all the difference. Hanna’s unexpectedly light town. The level of reality in Hanna. The Chemical Brothers and musical themes. Bone crunching action in The Raid: Redepmtion. The characters and unexpected turns. Chino and Deftones. Dredd vs The Raid: Redemption. How could the new Judge Dredd film have so much in common with The Raid? Wile speculation and a suspicious lack of information. Continue reading

Hot Rod + Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

Hot Rod + Alan Partridge Alpha PapaNew-beat comedies starting long running television personalities. Memes, YouTube and the age of Internet video. Clueless protagonists or masters of their craft? Hot Rod and The Lonely Island. A revisit on Saturday Night Live and SNL films. Digital shorts, whatever the fuck that means. Steve Coogan plays Alan Partridge. Creating tension by placing the audience in a siege. Stockholm syndrome as a film-goer. A twenty year running character makes his film premiere in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Isn’t this the ending from Falling Down? Continue reading

Annie Hall + Shes Gotta Have It

Annie Hall + She's Gotta Have ItThe beginning of an adventure through New York through two different perspectives. Culture and generation. An extended consideration of the new adventure. Woody Allen’s nearly first film, Annie Hall – or first enough for Double Feature. First impressions of a well-known film maker. Asking the right questions. If you can’t spot the neurotic, you’re the neurotic. Spike Lee’s probably first film, She’s Gotta Have It. Challenging racial clich├ęs of the era. Empowerment in more places than you’d expect. Have sex with whoever you want, as often as you want! Continue reading