The Tenant + The Guest

The Tenant + The GuestThe leading man is not who he seems. Why film lovers with film-love Alien: Isolation. The life and pronunciation of Adam Wingard. Roman Polanski’s The Tenant. Another look at Rosemary’s Baby and Repulsion. How does The Tenant fit into The Apartment Trilogy? Eric and Michael tell the story of The Man Upstairs. Invading sacred ground. Adam Wingard’s perfect mix tape known as The Guest. Commitment to brutality. 247 more days till Halloween. Drop the subtlety and take no prisoners. Continue reading

Night of the Comet + Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Night of the Comet + Attack of the Killer TomatoesCult films that disrespect their elders. Watch two movies that would otherwise be described as paying tribute completely disregard what has come before. Eric Thirteen spends time talking to Michael Koester. Los Angeles is destroying the film makers that work and live inside of it. A Double Feature fantasy. That goddamn red filter: who it has harmed and why it must be stopped. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes makes filmmaking look easy. What you can do vs what you should do. Tomatoes don’t have teeth, no matter how much you want them to. The tradition of Airplane before the tradition of airplane. Special thanks to Ben Last for helping edit this week’s episode! Continue reading

Crimes and Misdemeanors + Clockers

Crimes and Misdemeanors + ClockersThe Woody Allen meets Spike Lee journey continues with Crimes and Misdemeanors and Clockers. Breaking Woody Allen news! Only several weeks old! Amazon becomes Netflix. Leaving your audience no room for deviation. How Woody Allen has progressed in contrast with his New York centerfolds. Learning more about producers. Is Allen aware how dry the dry philosopher character is? Getting away with murder. A world where divorce hasn’t been invented. Why don’t the cops give a fuck in Clockers? White people problems and a disservice to Woody Allen on the part of Double Feature. Hipsters take Manhattan. Brick communities and the yard. Continue reading

Windy City Heat + Tusk

Windy City Heat + TuskFantasy collides head first with reality. Watch Windy City Heat on YouTube. Who is Perry Caravello, really? Attempting to disassemble a single aspect of a film while determining if that aspect is even worth disassembling. Likability in reality. Roman Polanski’s demotion to hack comedian. Who’s in on it? That stupid summary thing film reviews do. Kevin Smith takes over the world with Tusk. How did we get here? Further proof of the all powerful low-brow director turned super villain. Podcasts are making films now. How Tusk’s very existence argues for a golden age of independent film making. Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf + Desperate Living

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf + Desperate LivingAnd just who is Virginia Woolf, anyways? Being afraid of Virginia Woolf – you’re already talking about it and you don’t even know it. Classic Hollywood actresses terrify Michael Koester. Sex then, sex now. The power play. Oh, what language! What Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf has in common with Mortal Kombat 2. John Waters returns for Desperate Living! Eat some rats, change some sex, and roll around in garbage. Who’s having the most fun? A reminder on the topic of despicable cinema and human progress. A John Waters film without John Waters. Continue reading