Blood Simple + Shallow Grave

Blood Simple + Shallow GravePopular first films from award-winning directors. Does the signature shine through this early in their careers? Blood simple as part noir, part movie that goes with Red Rock West. The Coen Brothers making a film before audiences knew and trusted them. A treasure trove of character actors in leading parts. The depressing comedy of Danny Boyle’s movie Shallow Grave. Just what is murder, anyways? Friends form units, but only one will win! Familiar questions of morality. Continue reading

Sonny + The Night of the Hunter

Sonny + The Night of the HunterActors turned single-time-directors. What brings an actor to directing. The conventional wisdom on actors who direct (and reasons it’s not always accurate). The insane Nicolas Cage indie film you never knew existed. Changing who you are vs where you came from. Reform and the desire to go back to bad. Where do you see Nicolas Cage come through in Sonny? The Night of the Hunter as a tremendous monster film. Expressionism, scares, and religion. Child abuse may be hard to watch today, which makes our civilization a better place to exist. Continue reading

Killapalooza 23: The Howling

Killapalooza 23: The HowlingThe Howling films 1-8. Eric shoots a scene from The Arisocrats in another Director’s Cut update. Joe Dante’s original Howling film. You didn’t know it, but these ridiculous movies are based on a series of three Howling novels. Christopher Lee apologizes to Joe Dante for making The Howling 2. Australia buys The Howling franchise, leading to the creation of the most insane movie you’ve never heard of. Finding value in seemingly impossible places. Themes covered by three of the most difficult movies to talk about in monster horror history. Werewolf line dancing. YouTube weighs in on The Howling. Present day! Present time! Spider-Man webs up another Howling sequel. Continue reading

Willow Creek + Grizzly Man

Willow Creek + Grizzly ManDouble Feature goes camping. The dangers of the great outdoors. Eric talks about filming screen tests for the upcoming movie Director’s Cut. Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek. Michael wants to talk about bigfoot. The emerging docudrama comeback. Horror based on audio. Why Willow Creek is much more upsetting the second time through. Don’t blame the victim. Grizzly Man as a nature documentary. Bears don’t care about you. Bears will totally eat you. Connecting to a nature enthusiast. Werner Herzog cuts through the magic. Continue reading

Matinee + Looney Tunes Back in Action

Matinee + Looney Tunes Back in ActionThe two submarine keys to unlocking Joe Dante. One Joe Dante fanatic explains where his passion originated. Matinee, a film that’s totally not about William castle! Finally, a challenger to the Purge theory of why horror exists. William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock. Joe Dante’s present to cinema. Looney Tunes Back In Action, the sort of follow up to Space Jam. The little we know about the director’s opinion of Back in Action. Endless speculation: how do you know? Warner Brothers in the 90s. Branding, merchandise, and toys! Acme, the WB, and corporate culture. Joe Dante loves the Looney Tunes but did not enjoy making Back in Action. Continue reading